ECONS services help the entrepreneurs entering the education sector for setting up a world-class educational institution to develop the complete project plan - including viability and feasibility reports, projection, researched advice on statutory approvals and recognitions, suggestions on grants and aids possible and a detailed Project Implementation Program.

Project Planning and Conceptualization

  • Formation of Trust / Society / Company and various contracts sign-off Statutory Approvals, liaison and compliance.
  • Instituting academic governance through Boards and Committees Institution Philosophy, Name, Logo and motto.
  • Layouts and Designs.
  • Architects designs Construction engineers Interior designers Equipment vendors.

Resource Management

  • Campus design and planning – master layout and phase wise building plans.
  • Vendor identification and capital budget preparation.
  • Facilities and interiors planning for classrooms, labs, library, etc.
  • Purchase of furniture, fixtures, fittings and other academic related items.
  • Sports facilities.
  • Health and safety measures.

Tie Ups

  • Foreign universities and institutions that can collaborate and add value.
  • Accreditation and liaising.

Crafting Brand Identity & Subtle Local Promotion Strategies

  • Financial and accounting practice.
  • Laying IT and ERP systems.
  • Quality controls and assurance.
  • Accreditation.

Developing Revenue-Centric, Value-Adding Education Programs

  • Quality.
  • Academic Audit.

Framing curriculum, Kits and other Essentials

  • Program / Curriculum design.
  • Academic hand holding.
  • Student Kits including text books, note books, bags, stationery, etc.
  • Uniforms for students and staff.

Human Resource

  • Organization structure » Recruitment of faculty and staff.
  • Academic quality parameters.
  • Design administrative systems and processes.
  • Induction and orientation of staff.
  • Staff training and mentoring.

Strategic Marketing & Sales Programs for Successful First-Session Admissions

  • Marketing and branding strategies for admission.
  • Advertising & promotion.
  • Social marketing.
  • Managing admissions process.
  • Pre launch and launch of institute.

IT and ERP Systems

  • Management systems.
  • Academic systems and support.
  • HR systems and work systems.
  • Financial systems & controls.
  • Budgetary systems.
  • Integrating IT with education (ERP, Smart Classrooms, etc).
  • Website design and content management.