ECONS services help the entrepreneurs entering the education sector for setting up a world-class educational institution to develop the complete project plan - including viability and feasibility reports, projection, researched advice on statutory approvals and recognitions, suggestions on grants and aids possible and a detailed Project Implementation Program.

Franchisee Modelling for Franchisors

  • Map potential for expansion and growth.
  • Franchisee / Collaboration model.
  • Working plan for expansion and growth.
  • Statutory issues and challenges.
  • Revenue model.
  • Development of eco-system to support the plans.
  • Contracts, systems & document templates to manage the franchisees.
  • Cultural change management.
  • Recruitment & Training.
  • Branding and Marketing.
  • Instituting Best Practices.

Partnership and Collaborations for Investors

  • Understanding the need for partnership.
  • Mapping potential partner with right cultural fit.
  • Market study to map potential partner with right business fit.
  • Profile Presentation ยป Search and Select Franchisor.
  • Represent Client to Franchisor.
  • Negotiate with Franchisor.
  • Agreement with Franchisor.
  • Concept Development with Franchisor.
  • Implementing the terms of franchisee agreement.
  • Protecting the interests of the Client.
  • Ensuring coordination between franchisee and franchisor.